26 thoughts on “Chen

  1. lol @ third photo.

  2. hehehee… you face identical with Kang Gary(LesSang) in the 2nd picture..hahahahaa…but i like your voice.. 😀

  3. he look so cute with his glasses bowler in third pict
    and in the last picture, he looks so manly

  4. he looks like minho (SHINee)

  5. the first picture t though he was a teacher..hahaha~

  6. my fave is the fourth pic<3

  7. Wow ! No deference after & before ! Still love you !

  8. still chenchen hahaha

  9. your so cute like when was child

  10. i luv u so much…chen oppa ur the best….

  11. ur are handsome..luv u so much..ur no 1 in my heart…oppa fighting!

  12. hi chenchen hahah ❤ ❤ ❤ why you are so cute ❤ ?

  13. omg hahahahahahaha

  14. Chen!!!!You are so cool! Your voice is super!!!!! Faiting!!!

  15. nerd ka pala noon …

  16. LOL. Cant get enough of it 🙂

  17. Especially his first photo

  18. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuu so much chen

  19. hahahahahahah chen’s supper dupper BADUY because of his hair

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