26 thoughts on “Lay/Yixing

  1. :O I thought Lay was so related to Hu Ge!

  2. luv u lay so much xxxxxx

  3. I like u in pic.2

  4. Kyaaaaaaa~. Lay. You are so handsome boy. >u<

  5. hehehee…charismatic man,, 😀

  6. in the 4th picture, he really has a similarity with the former member of super junior HANGENG/HANKYUNG! 🙂

  7. Lay…. you so cute and so handsome~

  8. Ya! Lay .. I’m your #0 fan unjaena 🙂 haha by the way .. you know what, I will love my birthday even more it’s because we have the same birthday haha ~ just sharing. JALJINEH

  9. have the most handsome face in their pre-debut pictures..

  10. I love my IDOL LAY ❤

  11. Lay is cute!!!!Huuhhuuhuhu!! (When he is speak then u know he is superrr cuteeee) ^^

  12. at first I thought the first pic was luhan lol

  13. that was awesome!!!!

  14. Lay, your my ulimate bias! Ilove you yixing! God bless you and te other members too! Luv ya! You too EXOtics and EXOstans! Hope we can meet soon for EXO! FIGHTING! EXO SARANGHAJA!!! :* :* :*

  15. I love you Yixing! Forever and Always! Same to Sehun and to other cool members of EXO’s… */(>,<)\* Ccccccuuuuuttttiiiiieeee!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. YiXing is a good husband…hah!!!

  17. Lay has his stage name on his shirt… Oh, fate is funny.

  18. He’s so cuteeee.


  20. jal saeng-gin oppa Yixing


  22. OMG he is cute i love him so much.

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