38 thoughts on “Tao

  1. Tao is adorable!…I didn’t expected him to be the shy type like I’ve seen on the showcase.

  2. hehehee…i love your ‘PANDA’ eyes… hahahaa !!! 😀

  3. the second picture look like TOP bigbang!! lol so the same..love his panda eyes!!

  4. I can’t forget your cute panda eyes..ah,tao…naega jeongmal saranghanttaen

  5. He’s so pogi. Pogi means Handsome. Ayyyiee haha 😀

  6. Kung Fu Panda Tao, I LOVE YOU~

  7. oh my !! Tao is verry OMG!! I LIKE IT (y)

  8. Last pic<3 he was so bald<3

  9. i like this so cute ❤

  10. Saranghae, Peacock Oppa! KungFu Panda ! You are handsome too so don’t feel down or jealous of Kris ( FOR MY EYES YOU ARE THE MOST HANDSOME)
    From: EXOstan DivinaaDayalis

  11. Panda oppa. so handsomeeee

  12. Opps!!
    TAO TAO I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Panda Panda
    So much HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love u tao Oppa and I also love all the other Oppa or member of exo. Oppa fighting

  14. Iloveyou Tao oppa :**

  15. OMG!!!

  16. i reallylove everything about TAO ❤

  17. tao u look so cute I lov u sooooo much

  18. i love huang zi tao…………….. muah! i hope i see you

  19. i love TAO so so much

  20. pogi..walang aagaw sa TAO ko haha.. ❤

  21. Tao is my ultumate bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saranghae Tao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kungfu Panda Tao-ssi! XD

  23. hi you are so cutee and handsome i love you so much

  24. I really like TAO

  25. ahhhhhhh !!!!!! Oppa Tao ! i really love you !! Huang Zi Tao Rules !! Saranghae Oppa Tao . keep up the good work . and one more thing . i really love ur cheeks

  26. I Love You Tao ❤ ❤ 🙂

  27. So Cute ❤ ❤ I Love You Tao ❤

  28. ” SARANGHAE TAO ❤ ..

  29. dangsin-ui aju aju jal saeng-gin wau

  30. hahahaha tao’s like atssup boulivard to the world because of his cuteness
    didn’t expect him to be half bald in pic #3 hahaha
    #16 # 94 #12 #106 #exoforeverloveeee

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