Announcement: Blog on Long Hiatus from today onwards

Hello everyone!

This is the creator/admin of onexoplanet.

I’m sad to say that I will be away from this blog from today onwards. I will not delete this blog as it contains all the memories since the beginning of year 2012 till now. (Ever since the teaser era … T_T) Will keep the memory of OT12.

As you can see, I’ve been updating this blog quite slow this year as I am really busy with my personal work. (I don’t stay online 24/7). And now, with the departure of Luhan (which happens to be my ultimate bias since 2 yrs ago) has make me decide to take a long break from updating this blog.

However, Please support the remaining 10 members and their upcoming comeback!!!

I’m not sure when I will be back to update this blog, but I will come back when I feel like updating it.

Thanks everyone who has commented/liked/followed (pls do not unfollow! T_T)/reblog on this blog. And also thanks ALL who has viewed this blog!

I really hope I will be back soon! (:

Hope you guys have a nice day.

Take care! xD




7 thoughts on “Announcement: Blog on Long Hiatus from today onwards

  1. I was very sad when I read the above message, I thought I would lose friends exo-l again because luhan and the worst news for exo, but how glad I was when you decided not to close or delete this blog and its contents. Thankyou for the last three years, when I found this blog because I was so happy to see all the articel and photos of my idol so complete you discuss.
    I understand how you feel because I feel, as a friend I will always support you. I will also continue to support exo with the remaining members.
    I will wait for you to comeback with articel of a new exo. When they are happy of course. Thank you once again for all the photos and articel about exo. And I also asked, still discussing luhan and kris even thought they have gone.

    Take care and still healthy, chingu 😀 I so sorry for my english really bad. I was try my best about it :”D
    And nice to meet you, my name is Julia and I from Indonesia ^^

  2. Thank you so much. I hope you’ll always happy. I will miss you. Take care! 🙂

  3. saya sudah melakukan tips poin 2 dan 3 untuk point 1 menyusul , Aerona

  4. You know what? Because Exo’s coming to Malaysia on 20170318.Well, I want to buy the tickets. Still, it cause to much to buy the ticket. The ticket at least cost RM300!!Thin kmy father won’t let me go to their concert. I’ve been so excited for that😢Wish I could meet them in person 😶And hey, my names Kai Yee. Please do call me Kylie. And please please please don’t call me Exo Kai. >From Malaysia

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