Growl – Chanyeol


18 thoughts on “Chanyeol

  1. nice photo PARK CHANYEOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALWAYS LOVING U EXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cute yeahhh thats my idol we alwayss loving you EXO

  3. my bias!!! my cutie chanyeol!!!

  4. Chanyeol :))
    Cute as ever :))

  5. SHIT Gwapo niya tlaga

  6. you look so cute Chanyeol oppa!!! 🙂

  7. yuore so cute oppa chanyeol!! 🙂


  9. A good rapper.I love him too 🙂

  10. Your my Idol too Chanyeol….. so CUTE…….Chanyeol oppa Fighting!!!…. EXO is so COOL….

  11. Ellenmae18…..your right!!!… they look good together….

  12. Ommooooooo! Kyeopta 🙂

  13. annyeong oppa chanyeol im your #1 fan in the phil.hope to see you personally saranghaeo

  14. My Ultimate Bias!! Nice picture. Always liking what you have on this website!! Hope you keep it up!! WE ARE ONE, WE ARE EXO!!

  15. ahh waa why do i have to be an international fan can you tell me that because i struggle to now get to go to your concerts becuse there mostly in soul

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