Pre-debut photos

The posts will be updated if more pre-debut photos are released.

Credit: Photos are not owned by us. Sources are on the photos itself.


34 thoughts on “Pre-debut photos

  1. saranghaeyo 🙂 we filipinoes love exo so much ! 🙂 THE BEST 🙂 FIGHTING 🙂 !!

  2. saranghaeyo to my oppa (kris & d.o) i love u oppa ! hwaiting :*

  3. exo you are the best. . .i love you all, special to kai

  4. luhan oppa! you’re my bias! how i wish to see you in personal!

  5. I love EXO ❤ I wish you will come here in Philippines someday 🙂 we will welcome you all Oppa's ❤ Saranghaeyo ❤

  6. I Love You EXOtics!

  7. Nan dangsin-i neomu manh-i naneun dangsin-i pillipin-e waseo bosigi balbnida EXO salang Ooppa!!^_^

  8. exo ure the onE :))

  9. Saranghaeyo EXO!!
    Hope we could all meet in person. I<3U all. :-*

  10. Love you exo! wish to come here in philippines! woooooooh

  11. I love you EXO!! Please stop coming to my DREAMS!! Come to my House instead hihi.. Saranghamnida Oppas!!~

  12. Saranghae EXO!! Hope to c u guys this year somewhere…

  13. d.o’s birthday is tommorow 🙂

  14. i love exotics… <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3…

  15. fighting oppa!!! HUNHAN..
    Saranghaeyo.. <3<3<3

  16. Amooo a exo tanto, son divinos

  17. CHANYEOL is super cute

  18. we love exo!!! 3<3
    your so cute tao!<3<3<3

  19. saranghaeyo SeHun and LuHan you are so handsome SeHun and yot are so cute LuHan…..I wish to see you HunHan because i’m your super super fan and chanyeol and baekhyun you are so cute and handsome i<3u by the way advance happy birthday to kim joon myun or else suho and we love you exo your the one

  20. Love ya Exo.I m totally fan of Baekhyun & Chanyeol.I will meet u 2 in person one day.Ha Ha.

  21. I loved the exo soo much! hope you are all ok!
    chu: * \ m / PCYforevs!


  23. Saranghaeyo Exo ❤ In Special To Kai And Chanyeol *-*

  24. saranghaeyo yeah,thats true filipinoes ❤ Exo so much .
    Special to Xiumin(Baozi) and Luhan(LuLu) 😀

    • Thanks BB! Now, I may have to pack my bags and go to Virginia in a couple of mot3hs&#82n0;.just got back home and it seems that I have to get ready to leave again. Ready to be able to settle down and just spend time with the family. Hopefully in the next year or so..that will happen.

  25. ommo—i really miss you Laxy hyung please if ever, come back to exo, me and my lovee really miss you———–WISHED YOU COULD READ THIS WUFAN APPA T-T
    #lovelovelove #exofightingsaranghaljja #4ever16

  26. I love you chanyeol kisses Adonicia, Portugal ❤ ❤
    he so cute haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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