EXO’s mini-album to be delayed for a tentative date

Due to all the delays and cancellations going on in light of the tragic ferry accident, it comes as no surprise that EXO‘s mini-album is next to be postponed for an uncertain period of time.

Through the boys’ official home page, SM Entertainment said, “After learning of the sinking ship incident that happened on April 16, all of SM Entertainment’s artists, executives, and SM family are struck with grief and sympathy.


After discussing the schedule for EXO’s music release, album release, and future promotions in the country, SM Entertainment decided to tentatively delay the release of mini-album ‘Overdose,’ which was planned for April 21.

The agency also said, “We ask for understanding from the fans who’d been awaiting the music as this decision resulted from our desire for the safe return of the passengers and condolences for the victims.  We thank the fans for their great interest in new mini-album ‘Overdose’ and will later on announce the release date once it’s been confirmed.”

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[NEWS] EXO to kick off their first solo concert in Seoul next month

Yes, it’s happening! EXO will hold their first solo concert in Seoul!

A SM Entertainment rep announced, “EXO will hold their first solo concert, ‘EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET –‘, to celebrate their 2nd anniversary at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on May 24-25… It will be their first solo concert since their debut. It will kick off in Seoul and move onto other major cities across Asia.”


This will be the perfect time to hold a concert as EXO will be making a comeback this month, launching off with their ‘EXO Comeback Show‘ at Jamsil Arena on the 15th at 8 PM KST, so there will be even more songs that the boys can choose from to perform in front of their adoring fans.

Fans will have to be swift to grab tickets for EXO’s upcoming first solo concert when ticket sale begins through GMarket on the 16th at 8 PM KST.

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EXO members take turns keeping watch in bathrooms because of sasaengs

Heechul talked about the way sasaeng fans intruded on idols’ privacy, even in the bathroom and it appears EXO suffers the same privacy issues.

On a recent episode of ‘Ssul Jeon‘, the panel talked about the various types of fans. Heechul said, “It’s fine if people come see us at places when we have makeup on and we’re working. But they shouldn’t intrude on our private likes. Sasaengs are not fans.” He talked about the times when fans had come into the Super Junior dormitory to take photos of their underwear.

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Kim Gu Ra pointed out that he noticed that idols never went to bathrooms at the urinals, but inside the stalls, and Heechul said that even in the stalls, there are fans who stand on the adjacent stalls’ toilets to take photos, so they have to lean forward.

Park Ji Yoon also mentioned that EXO members had to take turns standing guard at bathroom entrances so no sasaeng fans could get in while they were taking care of business.

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[131129] EXO, Releasing Winter Special Album..2013 Official End

Group EXO will be going through with special promotions for one month in December.

EXO will release a winter special album, ‘December’s Miracle’ on December 9th and plan to warmly end the year with a special stage. As much as EXO came back with their first official album ‘XOXO,’ made hits of ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’ confirmed their status of ‘2013 Best Generational Trend,’  sell almost a million albums, as well as receive a ‘grand prize’ at the end of the year music award all within two years of their debut, they plan to repay the fans that gave them a lot of love and this album will be a present like album for the fans.

As it is a winter album, you will be able to find various charms of the EXO members as well as feel the winter atmosphere with the five songs that will be included. It is anticipated to receive a hot response as it will be released simultaneously in Korean and Chinese.

EXO will start their official promotions with Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on December 5th.

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[131129] D.O Joining the ‘Acting-dols,’ Screen Debut with Movie ‘Cart’

Playing Yeom Jungah’s son.

‘Generational trend’ idol group EXO’s member, D.O, will join the line of ‘acting-dols.’

D.O has been casted for the movie ‘Cart’ (Director Boo Jiyoung, Producter Myung Pilleum) that has already confirmed casting of actress Yeom Jungah, Moon Junghee, etc. A movie representative has stated, “We had good conversations with D.O’s side. As long as there is nothing major changing, D.O will feature in ‘Cart.’”

‘Cart’ is product that draws out the story of the happenings of a single mom after she was laid off working in a megastore as a contract worker. D.O will appear as the son of the Yeom Jungah who will play the female main character.

D.O is the first member who has officially started acting amongst the EXO members. There have been members who have acted in music videos but there has not been a member who has acted in a drama.

Another movie representative has stated, “Actor turned idols are making a spot for themselves in the drama and movie world quickly. As EXO has recently shown their quick growth acceleration, the competition to cast them has become that much more fierce. D.O is the starting point.”

Meanwhile, D.O hurt his right ankle during a performance at the recently held ‘2013 MAMA.’ D.O, who has continuously been gaining treatment, is said to be starting filming soon.

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EXO breaks another record with 740,000 copies of ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ sold in just 3 months

EXO‘s 1st full-length album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)‘ broke another record by selling 740,000 copies in just three months since its release!

As of September 3 KST, EXO sold 424,260 copies of the regular version of their ‘XOXO’ album which was released on June 3 and 312,899 copies of its repackaged version released in August, bringing the total up to 737,159 copies sold. 

SM Entertainment stated, “According to the Korean Music Industry Association, [EXO] is the first artist to break the record of selling over 700,000 in 12 years since 2001 following Kim Gun Mo‘s 7th album (1,390,000 copies sold) and Jo Sung Mo‘s 4th album (960,000 copies sold).”

This achievement is significant especially considering that physical album sales have been on the decline since the start of the online market and the increase of illegal downloading.

 Congrats to EXO and their fans!


Source + Image: Sports Seoul, Yonhap News via Nate

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