‘Inkigayo’ EXO-K, fearlessly challenge Kpop ‘Handsome black warriors’

Group EXO-K overwhelmed the stage by black charisma.

At April 22nd’s SBS ‘Inkigayo”s broadcast, EXO-K sang their title song ‘MAMA’

Today, EXO-K turned shiny black that gave off a tough man image. Especially EXO-K’s handsome appearance and superior powerful choreography that made the fans excited.

EXO-K’s song ‘MAMA’ is the work of Yoo youngJin and Gregory Chant. The majestic orchestra sounds and sharp synth and guitar riffs at the dance break. It became more intense because of the shouting that delivered a powerful feeling.

cr: Nate; trans by Gaemaxce @codeexo